Welcome to Palmr Style, where every stitch sewn is not just about fashion—it's about fostering a community that stands strong in fighting Type 1 Diabetes. We're more than a brand; we're a beacon of hope and a family deeply rooted in our journey with Type 1 Diabetes, aiming to uplift, enlighten, and empower all the T1D warriors out there!

Our story starts beneath the relaxing shade of a palm tree, where our love for the easy-going beach lifestyle blended seamlessly with our commitment to making a real difference. Let's dive into how living with Type 1 Diabetes has shaped our business values and sparked our dedication to designing "Type 1 Diabetes Apparel" that goes beyond mere style, offering comfort and comprehensive support, where inclusivity is top of mind.

The Roots of Our Brand: From Inspiration to Creation

Picture a tranquil retreat in the Bahamas in the midst of summer to celebrate a special Leo’s birthday, the soothing whispers of palm leaves and the gentle touch of ocean waves crafting the perfect backdrop. Here, we—Rebecca and Nick—envisioned a brand that embodies our personal values of relaxation, reconnection, and feeling refreshed. These principles are the pillars of Palmr Style, influencing not only our name but every product we create.

Sheltered beneath a palm tree, our vision for a clothing line emerged, one that captures the essence of the Florida beach lifestyle (both being Florida natives) while catering to the unique needs of those living with Type 1 Diabetes. We dreamed of fashion that does more than just look good; clothing that serves as a daily companion offering both physical comfort and emotional support to those, like our family, navigating the complexities of diabetes.

Embracing the Palmr Lifestyle

Living the Palmr lifestyle means relishing the simple joys of life—whether that's soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, cruising the beautiful Florida lakes on a boat, or simply pausing to enjoy the breeze. We understand life’s intricacies, especially when managing chronic conditions like Type 1 Diabetes that requires around the clock attention.

Our commitment is to enhance every moment, celebrate the little wins, create an atmosphere of peace amid the hustle. Every item we design, from versatile T-shirts to our snug hybrid swim shorts, is intended to elevate these moments of joy and repose. We invite you to wrap yourself in our garments and embrace a mindset where each day is a fresh chance to reconnect with yourself and your dear ones in both comfort and style.

Palmr Style Unisex Touched By Type One White Tee Supporting T1D Soft Short Sleeve Palm Tree Resort wear Self-Care Palmr Style Unisex Touched By Type One Black Tee Supporting T1D Soft Short Sleeve Palm Tree Resort wear Self-Care

Our Family Journey with Type 1 Diabetes

The journey of Type 1 Diabetes in our family is our core. When Nick’s children, Parker and Evie, were diagnosed at the young ages of 2 and 4, it redefined everyone’s lives. Living with T1D means continuous alertness—monitoring glucose levels, managing insulin dosages, canceled plans and maintaining a balance.

As a parent and Rebecca as a new stepmom , we've faced sleepless nights, unpredictable challenges, lack of “honeymoon stage” in our new marriage, daily hurdles that includes handling sudden glucose spikes to accommodating their medical needs into every activity we choose to partake in. This journey has not only deepened our understanding but also fortified our commitment to support others facing similar battles, who truly deserve the title of WARRIORS. You’re not alone!

It’s so easy to get bogged down with life’s difficulties and feel like “why us”, instead it has driven us to share our life with you all by creating the Palmr Lifestyle.

Why Supporting Type 1 Diabetes Is Personal

Our bond with Type 1 Diabetes is about more than the challenges; it's about the incredible resilience and courage we see in Parker and Evie every day. Their strength and graceful handling of their condition motivates us to go further for them! At Palmr Style, this means designing thoughtful apparel that acknowledges their needs and enhances their quality of life. Creating a garment that not only looks cool but also doesn’t amplify their equipment at the center of their outfit. We wanted our kiddos to look around and see all their family and friends wearing the same clothes as them and not feeling ‘different’ just because of their equipment.

Supporting Type 1 Diabetes through our apparel isn't just a business for us; it's a heartfelt crusade. We craft clothes that meet the special needs of those with T1D, such as integrated pockets for insulin pumps and soft materials for sensitive skin. Our commitment stretches beyond design; we are actively engaged in the T1D community, meeting with other fellow warriors and truly understanding what their pain points are when it comes to apparel, building support and spreading awareness with every item sold.

The Mission of Palmr Style: Fashion with a Cause

Here at Palmr Style, our passion extends beyond creating stylish and comfortable clothing. We are advocates for the Type 1 Diabetes community, dedicating 1% of our gross sales to support research and help those affected. This pledge is central to who we are, mirroring our desire not only to offer immediate relief through our fashion but also to foster a future where Type 1 Diabetes can be more effectively managed or even cured.

Our involvement includes participating in diabetes-related events, collaborating with research institutions, and engaging our community. Every sale helps us educate more people about the realities of living with Type 1 Diabetes, how we are living as a blended family with the Type 1 Diabetes and highlighting the critical need for more research, better treatments and availability . Join us as we continue to support and advocate for this vital cause, one piece of clothing at a time!

Palmr Style Mens Evening Palm Tee Shirt Vintage Stone Washed Black Soft Short Sleeve Palm Tree Beach Resort wear Self-Care Palmr Style Womens Caddie Green Jumpsuit Cargo Pockets Golf Palm Tree Resort Wear Self-Care T1D

Ready to make a difference with every purchase? Dive into the Palmr Lifestyle today! Explore our collection of beach-inspired apparel designed not just for style, but with a purpose. Each piece you choose brings us closer to a future where Type 1 Diabetes can be better managed and eventually overcome. Shop now to support the cause and envelop yourself in comfort and style that cares. Join us in turning the tide on diabetes—one outfit at a time. [Shop Our Best Sellers]

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