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The Palmr Story


Here at Palmr Style, we're all about transforming life's challenges into chances for epic self-care and personal growth. Our journey has shown us just how crucial it is to take care of both our minds and bodies.

Our mission? To build a supportive community where we share our stories and yours, inspiring everyone to embrace self-care and discover their inner peace. Through our chic relaxed resort wear, and uplifting message, we aim to connect and uplift, creating a space where putting self-care first leads to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Join us on this journey. Let’s navigate the challenges together, celebrate resilience, and find our peace.

Our Personal Journey

Our story is all about resilience, determination, and turning challenges into epic self-care moments. In the early years of our marriage, we faced some serious hurdles, but came out stronger and more united.

Nick balanced the craziness of running a business while supporting his two kids with Type 1 Diabetes. Meanwhile, Rebecca took a leap of faith, leaving the corporate grind to follow her passion and embrace her role as a stepmom.

Together, we kicked off a new adventure: getting married, starting a business, and prioritizing our mental health through self-care. We’ve felt the weight of life’s challenges and seen how powerful self-care can be.

Palmr is the result of our experiences, struggles, and victories. It’s a brand that embodies our values and dreams. We’re here to share our journey and build a community that lifts each other up through every twist and turn life throws at us.

Join us in turning life’s challenges into chances for connection, growth, and positivity. Let’s empower self-care together and transform every day into chill vibes.

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Our community, the "Palmrs," embodies our



Making "Me Time" a Daily Vibe


Weathering the Storms,
Always Standing Tall


Thriving Together,
No Matter What


Got Your Back,
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Owning Your Confidence,
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Support Type 1 Diabetes Apparel

Giving Back: Supporting Type 1 Diabetes

Palmr is more than just a community and fashion brand. Giving back to the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) cause is deeply personal and central to our mission. As parents and step-parents to two young T1D warriors, Parker and Evie, managing this condition is a part of our daily lives. This firsthand experience with the challenges of T1D drives us to dedicate 1% of our gross sales to support impactful initiatives. Our mission is to raise awareness, fund research for a cure, and positively impact the lives of those managing T1D.

Rebecca Palmr
CEO & Co-Founder

Rebecca Roccanti

As a first-generation American, the idealization of the American dream is deeply rooted in my core. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, with my heritage tracing back to Cuba, my journey has been one of passion, perseverance, and purpose. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Mass Communication from the University of Central Florida. My professional path is marked by a decade of success in Commercial Real Estate, working with some of the world's largest REITs. However, my heart always yearned to blend my sales experience with my true passion: fashion! Mix my big dreams with marrying a pretty cool merch guy - Palmr was manifested! Palmr is not just a business venture, but a personal quest for me.

In my role as CEO, I infuse Palmr with my dynamic vision, guiding every aspect of the brand. My inspiration springs from my life as a bonus mom (or better known as Beck) to two incredible kiddos living with Type 1 Diabetes. This new chapter of my life, filled with love and many challenges, has driven me to create apparel that transcends not only just style – but making a statement on inclusivity and normalcy.

As a true Leo at heart, my personal interests align perfectly with the sun. My idyllic vacations are beachside, reminiscent of my cherished childhood memories of swimming for hours under my Abuela's watchful eye. This deep connection to my roots and love for the outdoors mirrors the essence of Palmr's apparel – vibrant, comfortable, and ever-ready for life's adventures. My vision for Palmr is not just about creating stylish, high-quality apparel; it’s about fostering awareness and conversation around Type 1 Diabetes and Mental Health. I aim to be a beacon of hope and strength, sharing my personal journey of balancing work, family, and the challenges of navigating life with loved ones affected by a chronic illness. And, being down right honest about life as a bonus mom.

I whole heartedly believe that my partnership with my husband, Nick, in life and business was fated. Together, we are not only pursuing our dreams but are also setting an example of what is possible when passion meets purpose. At Palmr, every stitch and seam is imbued with this spirit of love, resilience, and aspiration – a true reflection of our family!

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COO & Co-Founder

Nick Roccanti

With a rich history spanning over 15 years in the apparel manufacturing industry, of what is known today as Threadbird - I have been the behind-the-scenes force (in my deepest Darth Vader voice) in bringing numerous brands to life. My journey, fueled by a blend of expertise and passion, led me to co-found Palmr with my lovely wife, Rebecca. As the COO, I am the cornerstone of Palmr's daily operations, meticulously overseeing product development and ensuring seamless store and fulfillment processes.

Away from the daily hustle of business life, I cherish moments of tranquility, often found on serene beach vacations. Despite my humorous aversion to ocean waters (I blame the sharks!), these retreats are my haven for relaxation and reflection. This love for the beach life is translated in all of Palmr's designs, embodying a blend of comfort, style, and the spirit of escapism.

But at the core of my world are my two children, both bravely managing Type 1 Diabetes. Their resilience and strength are a constant source of inspiration. This personal connection to the cause has shaped Palmr's mission: to not only create apparel that customers love but to give back, supporting the fight to find the cure for Type 1 Diabetes.